The greatest Avenger is back!



1. Love seeing movies on post. National anthem before the film is awesome.
2. Love the price- $5.50? I’m in.
3. Captain America is still my favorite. New material to defend him while debating my kids about who is the greatest avenger.
4. People who leave the second the credits roll – to you I say “Really? Is this your first movie, ever?”
5. Boo to turning on the lights once the credits started rolling.
6. To the man who twice called out “turn off the lights” thank you, it didn’t work, but you tried. You are my new favorite.
7. To the people who left after the first credit scene to you I say “Really? You knew to stay, kind of?”
8. To the few who waited through the entire credits I feel like we bonded. Our collective gasp as the unthinkable happened will stay with me.
9. To the employees who decided to turn off the movie just before the second credit scene- I have no words except “double boo to you and I’m not a fan.”

Reactions to Iron Man 3

Overheard after seeing Iron Man 3

1. Why didn’t he ask the other Avengers for help? *I told my kids they were busy not satisfied with this they asked…

2. Why didn’t the other Avengers just come help him, didn’t they see the news? *this lead to me coming up with possible reasons why they didn’t help with several creative ideas **SIDENOTE TO THE MOVIE MAKING PEOPLE – You should call me I have quite the backstory for you.

3. The best part was that guy who played the mandarin. *my kids then got a lesson on Ben Kingsley and why some of the comments made about him in the film were brilliant

4. They need to make more movies with The Hulk. *this lead to another heated conversation on who the best superhero is.


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